Saturday, October 29, 2011


hello my dear ladybugs :) so i am alone in this house.kakak is at work my mum n her husband went to melaka this morning n am not sure when they are coming this post will be so random.before going to bed yesterday,i thought thoroughly about me.u know after getting the results and all.i'm scared if i have to repeat things but i've done my best.i'm so scared man.i told myself. if i opened that result n not be what i expected,than i'm just gonna follow the flow if i dont get law la kan.then maybe law is not where i'm suppose to be.i'll try something else tu pon kalau x fail la.if fail then i have to retake then only i can get through.lets say if i can buat degree but x dpt buat law,then aku x akan putus asa.rezeki ade dimana2 kate kak tia.i miss her :'( i'm just gonna try my luck anywhere yang aku dpt.although people around me will be like "da kate da ueen x blh bawa law" but the hell.that wont stop me.insyaallah.see if i'm with my friends,they always know what to say to make me feel good about myself.only they knew how i struggled.huh xpe la,aku da usaha dan tggl untuk tawakal je. i hope i got both english subject an A+.or apa2 sekitar A la kan.huh pliss la. betul ke kalau kita berangn jadi semakin jauh angn2 itu?x nak la jauh.dekat la D': haih

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