Thursday, October 27, 2011

nightmare/not nightmare

i woke up and straight away thinking of posting this post for's about my dream i had last night.some part of it was fun and some was not so fun.i couldn't remember every detail but i'll try to tell u guys every thing that i remembered lah.

okay so there's this school similar to hogwards from harry potter altho i don't know if i spelled it correctly or not this school dibuka di malaysia.and like any one boleh daftar n ofkos me n my friends pon daftar la kan.first day was opened for the our hostel slightly looked like the ship from titanic and yes it was big.sangat fna miyah mimi n mun stayed in a different room.their's were downstairs n mine was above them.i noticed because i had something to tell em' but can't seem to jumpa their room.i went alone walking in the big ship searching for them then there's this room,where we can see the view outside was very beautiful tapi gelap.n for some reason i made a video clip alone there.eerrrrr.i was like running slow motion and like was so emotional well basically because i saw a guy behind me.he knew i was in the room n he came with me.just when i wanna go to the other side of the ship,it was too dark so i turned around n saw raja nazrin.raja nazrin was the guy.yeah i know.klaka kan?raja was mcm like pengawas but not pengawas.i dont know how to say this but he was mcm penolong all teachers teachers pet?okay.but he was so nice to me.he asked me what happened n all.n he said "that's too drk come on inside" *tranlated.then came two guys to lock the door yang i was about tu keluar through tu.those two guys are my friends juga tp x ingt.the 2 guys switched on the lights.then ade katil king yang like digabungkan 2 sbb besar sangt2 katil tu.slept by some girls younger than was one of the hostel's room.i thought it was a lounge or something.the room was so imagine la every room dlm ship was THAT big.nyesal x balik bilik -.- kalau x blh tgk bilik i.ok not the point -.- ok so that was the end of my night in the girls hostel.

then buka la pula pendaftaran for the boys.all the girls whom i dont know from the hostel were there too to help or menggedik i dont know la.but all i know i was there with my friend.sblm tu we went to pengkalan iman to buy some food then i insisted my friend to follow me to take a look at the boy's college.okay,so bila da smpai,i must say.bangunan budak laki was spooky gila was like the hostel from my previous scool atau pon from malinja.i dont remember but i've seen that building. then there's this emo boy came to me n said "kalau bangunan ni buat bangunan c kitorg pon x pe." yup something like that.than,semua da blh was in the night tau.kalau nk masuk u have to show ur number which was given n my friend main masuk je sbb die cm da nmpk muka kitorg mase dftr kolej pompuan kn so die ingt kitrg nk tlg la kot.da berjaya masuk then we climbed the stairs smpai aku penat -.- there was a tragedy where a teacher was killed.i was right behind my friend then suddenly die cm cuak2 n said "weh aku rase ni la tmpt die kene bunuh tu" sbb ade stain darah kat tangga tu.i da freaked gila babi da.then suddenly nmpk perempuan pucat turun tangga while looking at us.tu roh mayat tu kata kawan aku.sbb kitrog nmpk muka cikgu tu.aku da cuak gila.tetba the same teacher tp this time pakai tudung naik dan ckp "ni bukan tmpt saya kene bunuh,ikot saya." pastu ku ngn kwn aku pon ikot la.aku cm nk pengsan tgk bnyk darah weh kat tangga tu.aku da takut sangt.pastu die bawa pusing lagi "ni tmpt saya gantung lampin anak saya dan..." aku terus tarik kawan aku n ckp weh balik jom aku x nk dengar!.then da balik turun tangga aku pon bangun dari tidur terus buka laptop dan bercerita.anak cikgu tu pon dibunuh kat situ juga.

takut gila ini mimpi ok.i dont remember who was my friend tp my friend from merbok la kalau x silap.ok itu saja mimpi saya.bai bai

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