Sunday, October 16, 2011

oh oh

okay bnyk sangat typo.aku malass la nak tengok semula.sbb lepas aku habis type aku straight away je post.kalau rajin i read back,then i kalau mls cm ni minx maaf la cai.xde nya aku nak ubah bro.u get what see.okay so here are some pictures i took randomly when alone at home.this is kind of what i do.

  • muka x ikhlas like "bitch you better get yo ass out of mah face or i wll stab u real hard" punya x ikhlas.

  • this one is "i'm trying so hard smiling to make my face likable" look.oh and the name's melissa

  • this one is my all time "cover girl" look.i cropped the rest cause u dont wanna see it.hahaha
  • this one pula is my "please get that prince to marry me like pretty please " face.

or i'll kick yo ass.

ok so im obviously bored.yeap,there's not alot goin on my face.cant really make expressions.but actually i take that back.i can.nnt maybe next update,i'll show u guys how many looks i can give.hahaha.gambar terakhir punya terserlah aku ade campuran india dan sewaktu dengan nya sekian.

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