Saturday, October 15, 2011

blame me all u want,im still diva

hello earthlings.beautiful earthlings :) no dont go all "oh die ni ckp hello kat beautiful earthling je,not me" on me.when i say "beautiful earthlings" i meant to everyone of us yang telah di cipta oleh Allah am currently listening to yuna's cover of come as u are.hmm.i was thinking about something just now but it probably slipped from my mind yeah cant really talk about that anymore -.- so late i'll be having my "lunch" with sheryn.oh and b4 i forgot,my jpj test will be on this friday,then my last two class will be on tuesday and this thursday,wish me luck people ! :)

i really wanna improve my english skills cause i've dropped it the first thing when i accepted the offer to muadzam.see,u dont really get to speak in english when u're with ur friends kan,sapa gossip dlm bahasa inggeris if u're a true malay.hahah -.- well actually i blamed myself for not having the initiative of doing so.thank god i was selected for the english debate team mase skola xde la lost sgt.i used to be so good at yeah that's actually the main reason why i choose to write in english.but as weird as it is,i only can speak fluent english when i'm talking to foreigners.force of habit kot.ish x suka la guna mozilla -.- oklah mls nak type.see how easily i give up speaking now?shiznit.

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