Friday, April 13, 2012

you have me crying.

i need to be more jimat for the next week.i only have about 12 ringgit in my purse.told myself to stop withdrawing money from the bank cause i've been so irresponsible.haish shame on u ueen -.- dah lah this problem with the fitness first is never mummy is gonna kill me.i'd rather her kill me then facing with this kind of a problem.huh next week test will be part of my life.monday constitutional law in which case i dont even know what to read -.- thursday bel 460 and on friday law of torts.nasib lah torts aku suka.I AM FRIGGIN LOST!i cannot and i do not know how o handle my problems and emotions.everything is going topsy turvy.this is when i tell myself that I WANT MY LIFE BACK.

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