Saturday, April 14, 2012

wait what?

what i really wanted to be was an engineer or an architect.i took the course in technical school to be one.but ended up being not so bright so i can't pursue what i wanted.i once filled in the ambition corner in my report card saying that i wanna be a was my third choice or second i can't recall.but i only filled it once cause i don't really know what lawyers do -.-.6 years of school,engineer was the only ambition that i thought was was my first choice all the way through.but of course when i was in standard 2,first choice was doctor.peer influence -.- never thought that i'd be a law i can see how my life is narrowing down.although i don't know just yet what i want to work as,but i hope that this journey will show me what my true passion is.some say that being an architect student is so don't get enough sleep,assignments after assignments and going places that you barely have enough time for yourself nor your family and friends.i didn't choose landscape architecture because of these feedbacks,and i'm still wondering why the hell did i chose law in the first place.hmm after seeing my disastrous spm result,my hope in becoming an engineer fades.and so i locked my heart and told myself that i wanna do something that i will enjoy doing "masscom".unfortunately,i didn't get that either.i nearly gave up but new spirit came in.the spirit where i pushed away other people's opinion and decided to follow my instinct.i gave law a try.and here i am today.a bachelor of legal studies student.all i have to do now is strive.2 more years + 1.and i'll be outta here.

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