Sunday, April 15, 2012

i always feel better after talking to my friends.the laugh the memories the stories.everything is just so fun.having a set of people that get you is really hard to find and i'm so thankful.suddenly i miss everyone :(


part 1.
this was back in 2010.when everyone was 18 and still in searching of people that they could click with.including me.met a lot of amazing people.D was the class suited for me.i felt like home.i never thought of skipping any classes.didn't even feel like i should hide anything though i am the most insecure person there is.everyone can accept me for who i D i felt so comfortable.PENANG :)

part 2.
2011.we lost something and we gained something.lose some of our friends for some stupid shit and gained one from the other class who we thought could cheer us.went perfectly good cgpa for the first time :) had the best lecturers and groups.won third in the talent show.slapped husaini real hard.

part 3.
worse of all.the new member turns out to be blergh.everyone fell some new people still.but didn't clicked that well.everyone was no longer "together".end.

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