Saturday, April 14, 2012

neighbor principle.

the moment where you're sleeping like a baby or you're in a dream where you're sailing through the seas or even when you're in london eating fish and chips or italy eating pasta or france eating croissants for all i care then somebody decided to switch on the lights just to have breakfast and drink coffee while scrolling down for some new updates on facebook. -.- that know?the feeling feel like shouting to that person.why do you have to on the bigger light when you have that smaller one on your table?i mean you're just sipping coffee it's not like you're wearing make-up to class like how i'd normally do.BUT I ONLY SWITCH IT ON BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT.sipping coffee?!COFFEE?! *sigh.i never purposely switch on the lights to annoy you.i am f**cking considerate.i've been considerate since i've been here.why are you so rude?you even trespassed my territory and used my freakin laptop.WATAKUWAN!geez,please don't cross the line.i know for the fact that you're older and all but we don't even talk to each other so i think that explains enough on how we're not suppose to touch anything that's not yours?i'm kind of pissed off.but we'll see.she's not that bad tapi huh. once i even tried not to on the lights because she was sleeping but did she cared?nope.i always get burning eyeballs in the morning.

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