Monday, April 16, 2012

before i'm off to bed i would like to tell you guys how much i struggled know the part where i feel empty?numb?yeah that one.i tried my best to concentrate yesterday afternoon but it felt as if there was something stopping don't get me wrong.this has nothing to do with those creepy things when i said *something stopping me* it's just mind.

though this is the most minimum effort i've given but i'm really happy cause i managed to go around the box that has been in front of me the whole day.i thought that i couldn't escape.but i was optimist.i know i will fail this test tomorrow but at least i tried.i tried loving you consti. however,i'm still confused on wether was i blocked because i hate this subject or that there was something going on in my head.this is the most weirdest feeling i've ever felt.never did i feel this hard to memorize something.sebab ilmu tak berkat ke?tapi i concentrated in his class.sometimes :/ i never talked bad about him.i cried for failing to accept this subject.

but now i'm all okay.alhamdulillah.i don't want that anymore :( but i'm still curious upon what happened.why did it happened?Ya Allah,forgive me for my sins.amin

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