Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i should be jumping up and down knocking my head and slap myself hard really hard for this.i've got test this friday and i'm not even near into completing my revision yet.i feel so bad right now.but ughh i have to pandai balance my time now that i am OFFICIALLY A FITNESS FIRST member ehem.*x perlu kot.but  again,i want to say that i am perfectly happy for last,i've taken this seriously.usually imma be like "weh we should so go to gym!" pastu the day after i'm like infront of my laptop and doin notin'.THAT'S me.sekarang i have to work hard.atau adakah ini satu speech yang akan diendahkan kelak?let's hope not.guys,please show me your support.i need this!for me,us and my sister's wedding.huhe.if i want things to happen,i really need to work hard for it.jap lagi at 11,empire petang i need to study man.i have to ace this test.I HAVE TO!I NEED TO!please azureen,jangan lah berhenti tengah jalan.YOU CAN DO THIS!

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