Sunday, April 8, 2012

YUNA-8th april.

today happens to be one of my favorite days in happened out of nowhere but it did.syukur.i am so know how i didn't get the chance to meet my idol YUNA?i've won a couple of tickets to meet her but nasib tak menyebelahi.first sekali,yang whatberry are you.i tak pergi sebab got no transport :( then mase yang youth 10 hari tu,kat booth libresse pon tak dapat jumpa die ;( tapi aku tetap sabar.although up until today i tak dapat jumpa die depan depan kecuali mase muzik muzik tu,ade lah tengok die tapi dari jauh.jadi mungkin hari ini menjadi hikmah hari hari yang tak pernah dapat jumpa die.

I AM STILL HAPPY :) thank you qila :)


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