Friday, June 17, 2011

warna kuning.

little did i know that there is someone out there reading my blog and surprisingly i feel so appri-shi-e-ek if u know what i mean.partially,i feel so lucky for having there types of friends here in merbok.they let me forget all my sorrows.thank u guys.currently,the situation i'm going through is rather uncontrollable yet with u guys here with me,for some reason,i know i'm not doing this alone and for the fact that u guys had my back all the time is just utterly amazing.thank u.

but as a person itself,i have to settle things on my own.basically,my emotions.i need to think positive but i still think i'm vulnerable when it comes to talking about families or actually made me day dream a's hard cause i don't get to listen to explanations from lecturers.right now,up to where i'm standing,i'm afraid if i couldn't do my best for this last semester.but part of me is saying "the hell!i can do this".

so,apa kabar semua?*care ckp slang omputeh,sbb dari tadi menaip bahasa inggeris.* baik anda semua sihat?saya alhamdulillah la sihat.walupon bnyk benda yang sedang berlaku namun dengan mendengar nasihat dari rakan2 yang cuba menenangkan saya,saya pon terima lah.i'm not gonna lie for there still will be some emotional updates later on.just wait and see.saya nak mkn kuih pak At tp rase hari ni xde kot.x sabar nak balik pastu nak jumpa kakak je.nak ddk ngn kakak nnt.imissu.kbai :)

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