Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a new melody.

it hurts.and still is.your voice is just a reminder of disaster.no matter how long will i preach,nothing comes to mind.now u know how i feel.left out.thrown away.far far away.God it hurts a lot.but the fact that we are so close to each other,i have to forget about the pain and go on.but i can't.why am i so weak?why can't i just stand strong.yes,i forgot,i'm just human.a human full of feelings.please,i've enough sins.please stop.stop.stop.. :'(.i need strength.a lot in me has changed.changed to the bitter.no more fun in there.in my heart.i no longer have the soft side when it comes to this moment.i became heartless.lost.i need to go back.go back to HIM.but can i?after what i've done to u due to ur attitude.please time,be fast.i want my heart to eventually ease the pain.i want my happy life back.i want my family....

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