Wednesday, June 22, 2011

breath a little me.

sumpah la.u know sometimes when the smallest things ni blh buat kita bengang?but hey there's always tomorrow.just be strong.but how ought i be strong?cause i'm not anymore.i am in a very delicate position right now.dont u know how this thing really effects me?no!u never do!u will never understand.yes im not being matured enough but is it not that at my age,we're actually trying to search for our own identity?jgn pkse aku jadi matang sbb aku tau dengan perubahan masa aku akn jadi matang satu hari nnt.just bcos u're all grown up,doesnt mean that semua org pon kene pk besar cm kau.aku x reti pastu cm ne?:'( mind my errors.masih dlm awangan.

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