Thursday, March 24, 2011


currently it's raining so heavily outside and i feel so alone.this situation has really opened my eyes to "damn straight!people in this world are cruel" yeah it did.but i'm still confused with all this confusion in my head as i don't really know what i'm actually thinking nor picking.being grumpy from the 7 dwarfs is not cool cause u like get mad every time and people don't turn to u for advice.things on the other hand are starting to be so irrelevant.despite that i don't have a dad,and regardlessly that my mum is in a relationship,i for one don't feel the love at me a you-don't-know-how-to-be-thankful-girl, but seriously dude.i need some life is holding on a threat.yes i am being too melodramatic but that's pretty much the story of my life NOW.i am so on the edge right now.i'm so positively sure that people,get their dreams right because of love and i need one now!no i don't want a boyfriend nor do i need a lesbian partner to make me feel good.i just want my mum.that's that too much maybe?huh just stop playing with your role of being the step mum and please step into my delightful reality where your role is to be my-blood-related-sharing-the-same-DNA mum.i seriously love u mother i mean who doesn't?if she did not rocked my world and had fun playing wrestling for almost everyday,i wouldn't have wasted my time writing this blog about her and that i should just talk about some other mum.i really can't explain the feeling i'm feeling right's a combination of sad,hate,alone,despise(which is pretty much the same as hate,but i imagined despise to be more fierce -.- i know) and what? yes annoyed.i hate to have this hate feeling towards the person i love most but sometimes i just can't's awkward to even make jokes when she's around knowing that she will not laugh and only will when MR.Y calls.yeah how fun my life turned out to be :D pfffttt.i know i should be greatful and blah blah but i am being greatful.i am being greatful that i have this rockin mum but changed under some circumstances.yes people!i've become crazy and crazier each day and i'm so not me while typing i shall hit the hay and just buzz me if u need anything.i'll be around 24/7.NOT!kbai

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