Sunday, March 27, 2011


as you can see from the picture above,from the left,is my brother,me and my sis yang convo tu.i tell u la fello readers.i don't dig convocations.i mean it's like seriously boring!and all these "baget bagus " people tend to come late sbb vip la kan.hello tolong la,tinggi mana je kau?ikut je ah jadual doh,ni mcm bodoh semua parents kene ddk pastu bgn then tgk kau sembang kat tgh tu,pastu kene bgn balik.ish apa la.huh okay enough with being yeah congrats to my sis for finally owning a diploma.aku lambat lagi nyah nak dapt tu,tu pon x dpt dip dpt dig je-.- oh and i don't wanna go to any convos after this.sangat memenatkan.x best pon,well of course kalau aku yang amek so,excited la.muahahahahaha so yeah,i'm too tired to type la.kbai

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