Monday, March 21, 2011


Being patient and bringing myself closer to HIM is the only thing i can do now.besides,HE created me,so HE should know where my happy button is :) the only thing that i'm hoping for right now is to just get through with it and most vital,being okay while going through it.yeah.enough with the tears for i know that there must be a millions of reasons of why did this happened at the 1st place.i'm just gonna leave everything to him :) i have been through a bigger lost but i survived so,this is just another obstacle for me to achieve my dreams.

i love u mum no matter what happens insyaallah. :D u taught me to be strong and now i'm practicing it.Although i'm not as strong as u r,but i'll try.just one thing,i need to know that you will support me in anything i do even in my most vulnerable time,yes that was what u did for the past 19 years haven't u?no i mean when u own a new family.please always be there for me okay ?:) i love u with all my heart and soul.oh and don't ever change,u r the only mum i know that rocks my world.

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