Monday, March 21, 2011

fly away.

although things won't change no,.i know.but i'm still hoping it will.i miss everything about the past.every single bit.but what i miss the most is my father,yes it's wrong to think about the dead but he was my father.a good father,a good husband,a good boss,a good son,a good brother,and of course was a good leader.i know i've said this for so many times but,it still hurts to automatically adapt the life that i'm still not used feels so empty.yes i miss my mum,but she's a different person now.she's not the same.i miss the old her.sometimes looking at her,i feel like jumping towards her and hug her but that was how i felt 5 years is not like before like i said more than gazillion times now.losing someone u love is's very hard.i've lost my father,and although my mum is still here but it's like she's not.she has her own life now.i'm not sure if she still cares about me which i know deep down she does.a decision that we all have to agree with now but by far the hardest.kbai.

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