Thursday, March 10, 2011

see who's me.

alhamdulillah test intro to law 2 da habis :))) so lusa tunggu paper saiko pula and my carry mark cam x bagus langsung like seriously i got like 20 percent out of fortayyyyy i mean who does that betch?huh i have to pump up my volume and work harder for the saiko paper.gila weh.i am so wasted and stoned right and what i'm talking about here cam ntah pape.aku pening tapi bukan pening pon but saje rase nak tulis macam2.huh aku nak sambung tesl ke law je teruih?kalau law cam best tapi cam beban gila then kalau tesl kene jadi lecturer je lah keje yang aku ade aku pula mmg cm x minat langsung nak ajar ajar ni and i'm so not a teacher material weh like believe me.-.-huh so i think i'm going with law la kot.insyaallah i'll do my best untuk semua paper and ketepikan carry marks yang rendah dan berusaha lebih.i can do it amin :) and wait for me muet.u owe me something.BIGGG TIMMMEEE! end.

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