Friday, March 18, 2011

pass is pass.

alhamdulillah da sampai rumah :) but i sensed something in this doesnt feel like home no more.i just don't know y.everything has changed even the lilttlest bit's no longer the place where i am always eager to go feels soo empty.if i'd to compare between uitm and here i'd choose uitm.the vibe here feels so dull so empty and so nothing.i can't wait to move outta here.can't wait to have my own crib.i wanna start a new life.hmmmmmm but it's better if things in here changes.i wanna see seua jadi like before.i miss it :'(.i guess the "before" feeling to memang susah la nak dapat kan balik as semua benda da berubah yeah i just have to bear with it and just follow the flow.x sabar nak sambung degree and live with the gals.and stat a real life a real teenage life before semua sibok dengan kerja.insyaallah.

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