Monday, February 7, 2011


hey readers :) *krik krik.okay moving on,see what i'm holding in this picture?a psycho clown!heheeh my sisters bought it for me.thank you :') hmm i've been sleeping with it since.heh.just got back from a few lectures and like what i thought it would be,my head wasn't in class at was like i was just a mannequin je dalam kelas tapi otak pikiaq lain and it concludes that i didn't gain any knowledge for today :) thanks to you woman :) huh -.- hmm why me?why now?x paham aku.i thank ALLAH for giving me the full patience that i needed.cause i know it would be uglier if it wasn't for my patience.activity seperti jerit menjerit,carut mencarut serta tampar menampar pasti berlaku :) tapi x pe,semua da lepas pon.aku da janji dengan diri aku yang aku x kan pikir lagi pasal kau,aku x de nak kisah da seperti apa yang kau buat kat aku semalam and yeah my love towards you cam da pudar gila gila if you're still with him lah kan.deep down memang ambo sayang mu lagi tapi nak buat cm ne dok.orang da x suka kita move on je :) haa cm tu lah,after what happened,aku da tawar hati sangat sangat.kau nak buat apa buat lah.jangan babitkan aku.from now on,let's just stay as friends.not are now officially a stranger to me.i'm sorry but you made your choice.i ikut je :)

yes i definitely smiled while typing :)

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