Friday, June 29, 2012

never thought that looking for housemates could be so difficult.and stressed.stressed?yes.stressed.i thought that everything was fine and looking for a house is easy.but it turned out to be totally different from what i have to be really really committed with this.shit just got real dude.i'm so lost right now.the house is worth's nice.but let's put aside for the fact that it's nice,beautiful,perfect.the distance to uitm is quite far.the bus station is quite far.the area?okay,opposite the masjid.near with all kinds of the only problem now is we need more people,and a car.i really hope that i get a heads up from mum to bring the car'll be fine despite the least 1 problem,solved.

so who's with me?come on people,it's the only fully furnished house yang really have a flat screen tv,a fridge,a perfect kitchen,perfect rooms,washing machine.closets?toilets?a balcony?it's perfect :').but if we were to let the house go.i'd be devastated.but of course i have to get over it.hmm at least i know there's a cute spouse,living in a beautiful house and is so determined to make the people renting their house,feel like home.

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