Sunday, June 10, 2012

alhamdulillah,the clock strikes 00:00 and i am now officially 20 years old.20 years of witnessing the purity of life and after much perseverance,here i am standing with perfect health and people around me whom are just perfect.a long journey it is.i get to feel the topsy-turvy of life,the saying "life is like a roller coaster" and all in all,the bittersweet of life. it took me a long time to figure how can life be as similar as us,riding a roller coaster?then i came across life is full with ups and down and so i related that with the roller coaster thingy and equaled to roller coasters go up and down and go around.but still,what does that has anything to do with life? oh my,of course.

  1. you can't always get what you want
  2. life is not according to you
  3. you will cry at any end of a day
  4. life is not perfect
  5. you can't always be happy
  6. everyone doesnt like you,only a few.
  7. people come and go and you have to cope with the sadness
  8. people change,places do too and so does weather.
  9. not all guys can be trusted
  10. chances are,you will not get the nice ones
  11. people hate you for no reason
  12. people like you for no reason
  13. you are beautiful only to you but not to people
  14. you need friends,and fuck to those who said you dont need one
  15. bitches are bitches
  16. guys will ignore you if you open up to them,and no it's not like in the movies.
  17. when life hands you lemon,don't take it.
  18. be happy and forget what people think
  19. you are actually important to your haters,cause you are their life,w/o you,they have no main subject and so they will fail in life.
  20. smile,fake,slap,backstab,laugh sarcastically or speak in such tone, do whatever hell did marilyn monroe do,these are just virtues of surviving life.
  21. do not be too nice,too clod or too proud.
  22. then how should you act?figure it out.
  23. people will come up to you and say mean things,you smile,and walk away.
  24. no no need to flip your hair.
  25. people don't like to smile and so don't smile randomly to people.
  26. be skinny cause you'll be more popular and oh be beautiful,but if you're not,maybe do something w your personality.if it sucks,then good luck.
  27. dress appropriately,no showing a lot of'll get raped.
  28. the number 23 is not don't be obsessed with it.
  29. ignore number 28.
  30. be happy with your life as it is,cause no matter what you do to yourself,only you could change the story of your life and only you could face is like a fairytale,except,you are the why wanna live in suffer when you can make it with colors?though yes,storm and stone and stick will be thrown to you but the hell,you could always backspace it or erase it.always start new each day.

you are welcome with these guidelines.alhamdulillah,i get to be in a roller coaster and actually feel the burden and the hate and the annoyance and the sarcasm and and and more.yes i get to be in the "wild ride" if you may. :)

thank you all for the wishes :) i feel loved.thank you

to those who have just started life,good luck finding your way out.

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