Monday, June 11, 2012

happy birthday to me :')

okay so today was super fun and how i wish i could just post these pictures and let you guys figure out what happened but the story must be was fun to me :')

okay so it all began when yesterday was my birthday :) and so,these pretty gals decided to take me to watch a movie "madagascar 3" katanya -.- i was super excited from yesterday haha cause everyone is talking about the movie kan so i wanted tu watch lah.i thought we were going to bukit raja but NOT.i finally dapat pergi setia city mall :) pergi pergi,sheryn kata die nak jumpa dengan kawan die.i was devastated lah kan sbb ingat nak jalan sesama ekekeke then i dengan tia pon jelajah the whole was big but enough shops for me.i mean everything is there.u name on?pappa rich?tgif?tony roma's? yeap.a perfect place for me and the girls :) so some pictures were taken on our way there

so bila dah arrive the place,sheryn went to see her friend while me and tia were struggling searching for the friggin atm-.- there were a lot of things i wanted to buy tapi apakan daya,tempat baru,atm pon baru lah kan -.- lepas dah jalan punya lama,then tia kate,nak pergi tony roma's kejap,meet sheryn's friend and then belah tempat lain. ....
tedenggg!happy birthday!!! kata sheryn (in a less energetic way)
and all the makanan was ready :')

setelah kenyang makan,the left overs.haha

then sheryn and tia gave me this :) :

sheryn and tia also demanded for some balloons to be tied up dekat meja kitorang.
and also they changed the play list dekat tony roma's which includes my favorite song
"we are young " :')
thank you and sorry for doubting you guys :')
at first i didn't believed that they changed the play list for me then tia cakap
"haish kau ni,kitorang siapa minta die ikat belon tau".
haha masa tu baru prasan ade belon kat meja ktorang.
baik sangat ni!

then we cam-whored.

then this came to our table :')

and as you can see,i had to tiup the lilin guna straw -.-
i never really liked cupcakes before but these from wondermilk,
you guys should really try them.they're super nice ! :D

thank you to these two prettay ladies for making this happen.hmm i'm sorry i wasn't that surprised cause i never had a surprise birthday before heheh terkaku kejap,there's a lot to take in.thank you again.i'm super excited and happy:D

some pictures are not so clear sebab tia took it from shery's ipad.tangkap guna my phone.faham x?ke x?hmm kbai.
today was awesome :D

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