Sunday, November 7, 2010

we are 1 malaysia.

i have no idea what's got into me hahaha but there's a sudden moment when i just feel blessed to even breathe the wonderful air on earth.i'm so proud to be a malaysian as well as i am an islam.syukur alhamduillah.apart from that i just realized that i've been so harsh towards the world.all i ever did was telling how awful my life is and this and that but never try to make any is about making choices and decisions.even if u've made a mistake in choosing the wrong path,that is when the adventure of life's up to you to make everything as it is.i always give people advices but me myself pon macam x tau nak buat,as for today,let's make the best out of ourselves.good more nagging about how shitty your life is cause mine is just as hell as yours.okay?x nak x pe,aku nak!bye bye.

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