Wednesday, November 24, 2010

today is 24th november.

today was okay.although there are some not-so-good-times but i managed to put them aside.what flattered me most is i get to meet takiya dinji!:)))) aww miss him so much man!well of course not me alone,together with kinah,alyia,fatin,munirah farhana and miyah.we were like 'din!rindu gila la kat kau!' and all.hmm we all can see the sadness in his face but nak buat cm ne.he's a very nice guy.but maybe his fate has been written to be this way so who can change it.we all hope and i personally hope that he'll get a better future out there and berjaya la kau ye din.kitorang PL2D doakn kejayaan kau walaupon dimana kau berade aiceh-.-*krik krik.

to sum everything up,alhamdulillah today is a fine day:D

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