Monday, November 22, 2010

my name is not weird.

i feel so empty all of a sudden.don't know why but i feel like theres a hole in here somewhere.i miss my mum.huh i just started the new sem and it doesnt look the same.everything has changed.the seniors are gone,the floor is so quiet the diploma students are not here,and part one students only consists of 13 students in one class,havent met the seniors,they're all like vanished,diappeared poof!no where to be found.its like an empty place.some of my classmates are still missing.i miss them too and i still cant believe that i didnt bring my charger for the laptop.oh my what a so bored without my laptop.yes i borrowed this one from my roomie but its just not the same.i notice that im not that happy.not a just happy when im with my friends and in class.thats it.i feel err i dont know.omg,please stop.-.-

oh and my name is not funny u effin brazillians!stupid hooligans!-.-

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