Thursday, November 1, 2012

if im a killa

i feel like scratching his face off just so he can't see and let him know how it feels like to be an underdog.i was thinking of killing him but i thought it was too hardcore and i'd be arrested for murder  in which case i'll be convicted and charged under section 300 of the penal code and it takes a whole lot of procedures and shit so imma be tired.the easiest way is to just scratch his face off with one of wolverine's blades and just live life to the fullest.

but first i have to make sure that he doesnt see me approaching i should be above him or behind him.the idea is to take him to a dark road and beat the shit out of him until he like past out and vividly draw something on his face with this sharp blade.

and when he's up he'd be like 'why can't i see anything' and stuff and imma be like 'you're blind douchebag!that's why' and imma be lolling and rolling.he'd scream so loud and go to some crowded place and be like ' help me sir,someone did this to me,i can't see' while crying like a baby.he'll take a taxi home and regret his whole life.

haaaa that feels so good.

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