Sunday, November 4, 2012

am i in a way, being hypocrite? cause i watched this one movie called cruel intention and i'm sure you guys did too,there's this scene where ryan phillpe's character is deeply in love with reese witherspoon's in my case i'm just gonna replace the guy's name with A and the girl's name with A was like begging B to accept his love cause B just threw him off and he said 'you are a hypocrite!you always talk about love and now i am standing right in front of you but you do nothing' i didn't completely remember the exact words but it was something like i was thinking,A's situation is just like mine.i have always been so envy with people who are in love with a hope that one day i will have a boyfriend of my own or a loving husband for that matter, but there comes a point where someone likes me but i just shut my system down and kept telling myself that i'm not ready.i am all hoo-haa-ey about wanting to be in love but i haven't reach the state where i'm ready to be in love you know? so in my case,ought i distinguish between wanting and not wanting?though i want but i don't want and i don't want but i reallllyyyy is as complicated as it sound.or is this a girl's normal behavior?am i scared or am i just not ready?

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