Sunday, November 18, 2012


as i did blew my mind.the trilogy is a perfectly written book.i did stop myself from moaning undesirably while reading this piece and i managed to hold back some unshed tears.for someone who's heart is made out of glass,i succeeded. though my inner goddess wanted to shout and cry as loud as she wants but i just can't let her cause it's not the society's definition of 'how you feel after reading a goddamn book'.well i beg to differ.yes i can't deny the sex,it's too much even. but i personally think that this could still be a darn good book without the sex.anyone with me?no?okay maybe a tiny bit of it?or you know what?the amount of sex in this book is perfectly fine.i thought that the author delivered everything really well.but i must say that i've struggled to imagine some scenes.well you gotta imagine to really fathom now right?

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