Wednesday, November 14, 2012

50 shades of fucked up?

i just bought the trilogy of 50 shades of grey.i gotta be honest with you,i only was attracted to read it because of the coitus that everyone has been talking about.but after solemnly taking myself into the book,i could see how achingly beautiful people could fall in love with each other.i must say,even the characters aren't real but amy steele in a one lucky lady.she resonates my life in a nutshell but only the part when she can't believe that every good thing's happened to her.

i told myself not to write about this book but i couldn't contain myself.i'm just so excited but as i read it,i only kept a straight face whilst my inner goddess in jumping up with's not the excessive amount of sex that they're having i'm happy about.but how this man who is so reluctant in having an emotional relationship and is oh so cold above the surface could surrender himself with pain just to make this girl's so touching.i cried countless times but most of the time i was just being is certainly a well written novel and the best part is, it's a trilogy.i've done reading the first two and now i'm down with one more.though i'd be so sad if i'm done with the last one.

saying that i'm in love with christian grey wouldn't be an odd thing, as everyone feels the same.this book is just exciting to read.if this were real.i'd really like to see how christian really looks like.he sounds scrumptiously delicious and toxically hot.but of it all,he's got a huge heart very huge that half of it is filled with his dark secret and insecurities.

writing this down doesn't give me the slightest gratification to what my eyes just witnessed.this book is more than what i could describe it to be.some may say i'm exaggerating well maybe  -.- but try.try diving in and prove me wrong.

i really can't comment much as i'm not done reading the last.but i'm sure it'll take my feet off the ground as what the fist two has done to me.i was on cloud nine.the last is thicker than the first two but imma try my best to finish it asap.i can't wait myself :)

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