Wednesday, August 24, 2011


today i missed three classes in a ROW!three! in a row! *sigh.i am so disappointed at myself.classes from 8 am to 11,sedih weh.apa nk jadi ngn aku ni -.- sakit sakit.da la sem akhir.i woke up at 630 and went to shower siap semua.tggu nk g kelas je.but everyhing fucked up started when i went back to sleep after shower and kept my phone silent while showering sbb x nk wati dgr.dan akhirnya i lupa nk buat ringing balik.this is ridiculous.apa nak jadi ngn aku?this sem saje i da x pergi about 6 classes 2 for each.includng bel then 7 la.weh.da la sem ni aku paling bengap!i am a pathetic loser.can't believe this is happening.okay i'm off to the next class goodbye.

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