Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i say one

it's been ages since i last talked to my mum.okay ages seems so long but that's the long la since ive talked to my a daughter to mother talk.laughing.making jokes. dragging her all around the dining hall.time flies so fast.i have to admit that i miss her but what's the point?i dont even wanna go it stops here.

hmm life has been so hectic lately and im sure same goes to anyone out there.finals are seriously just around the corner.mmg dekat sangat sangat da. 1) i dont know if i can do it. 2) i will be missing my friends like gila punya. they have been everything to me.hmm harap nnt terus la semua ber contact yaw.

sekarang da 1915 lagi berapa min lagi nk berbuka :) so happy fasting everyone and happy breaking your fast as well.always remember Allah in your everyday life so that HE'LL remember u juga.sekian.

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