Wednesday, July 13, 2011

no word to describe.

i miss home,especially the people in was once a home that i'm afraid to lose but now not going back is my main agenda.what's the use of crying?crying won't make things any better.i really miss my dad.things has definitely changed a lot.and the changes is what i'm trying to cope with.i never knew that my life would turn out to be this way.earlier today i went to my sister's blog to read her new post,and when i scrolled down,i saw my old blog as well as my mum' of her post as "x kn kawen lagi" or something like that but still brings the same meaning.i didnt read it through cause i know i will shed in tears.promises are just words coming out from someone's's a promise when u actually do it.huh if only u know how i feel.but if u did,would things be any better?i wonder.ALLAH adelah yg maha berkuase dan maha adil.maka adil la yang diberi pada umatnya yang tidak bersalah.

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