Friday, July 22, 2011

anjakan paradigma.

one week has passed just like that.and nothing had chnged between me and her.things i might say,are slightly just the same.i am all alone in this house right now without having the need to care about the paranormal activities happening in my house.tomorrow i'll be going back to merbok and start a new life again after a week of break.yang x brape nk break buat assignment.but it's not that bad.ok je ihi just i hope to see mdm as soon as possible just to know apa yang x kene dgn outline gua.kalau salah nk betulkn.the thing i like doing most is bus,taxi,train airplanes u name it.semua aku boleh.i just really like to see the world dari mata aku sendiri.skang yg boleh nya is when going back to merbok or coming back from day yes one day.hoping that tomorrow will be a safe trip going back to merbok.gua naik bus with the ladies.i love my friends i really do.thank u lovelies.

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