Sunday, December 4, 2011


insecurities have been part of my life since i started high school.having to worry about how i look,how to act and how to be great are some of my agendas every morning.i have always been the goofy one and at the same time,i was given names which i am so not proud of by some parties.friends are everything to me but enemies are there to creep me too.being named in a bad way didn't made me stronger instead,i hated myself.i used to grab a chair and sit in front of the mirror crying to myself and thinking 'why was i different from others?' or 'why don't i look pretty'?then i started to write emotional things,hurting myself mentally,and never gave a chance to myself to forgive me.i then,became an anti social because of the names i was confidence level went out the window.i last wore a pair of jeans when i was 12.i stopped wearing them for 5 years and after i was 18,i gained more self esteem day by day.all thanks to my cousin.with the support she gave me,i managed to be the person i am today.basically,we actually need to step into reality,then only then will you realize that these people bad mouthing you are just projections to make u feel down,lose yourself and are just some ornaments to lead you to the wrong path.these people motivated you to make the wrong decisions,meet wrong people and give you bad need to be strong to avoid these projections just so you can reach your what they say,you can't get what you want unless you work hard for it.

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