Sunday, December 4, 2011


my heart has always been empty and it's been 19 years.empty in terms of intimacy with the opposite sex.i've never loved someone before and i doubt to believe that any has towards me as well.all my life,my family is always first then the friends comes next.these people have inspired me in many ways because they are full of love.little did i know that i was loved by more than a person throughout my life.i never stopped to realize that these great people have supported me through thick and thin but what i'm worried about is not getting the right guy?!what's wrong with me.why can't i be grateful with life? i'm sorry ALLAH for being the person i am.i am so ashamed.*slap me self.-.- gosh.i should teach myself to be more patient and for the fact that we can't always get want we want.maybe what i need,is not necessary.the time will come i'm sure.and i will cherish that moment.what moment?for the guy to there's no reason for me to be sad and all and thinking that i'm never gonna get the right guy for all i know,maybe he's standing right in front of me,or in the future.ALLAH itu maha kuasa,bila Dia rase masanya da sesuai.akn dapat la apa yang DIA jodohkan.for the time being,i would like to enjoy the moments with my family sbb bila semua da kawin n tinggalkan rumah ni,aku x nak rase menyesal kelak.i love my family i miss my dad n my mum's a superwoman.what's not to love?i wish i did not took things for granted,but hell.i was too now,let's make the best out of what i have.

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