Thursday, December 30, 2010

i see a lot of lucky people around hanis zalikha,she has a very perfect life and i do enjoy reading her blog,it's very cool seeing her travel anywhere she wants.and she's beautiful sangat sangat.hmm and like ramai la orang yang lucky lucky nie,i wonder if i would be lucky like them.people say,if there's a will there's a way,insyaallah,i'll try my best to get what i want.amin.i'll work my ass off weh.i seriuosly can't go on like this.huh

ott,after realizing that i was deleted,i literally had this new spirit in me.i just wanna change and start being a new me.i wanna get out from this body and start seriously,i have to work hard on this."action speaks louder than word?" yup that's true.before even changing myself,i have to start lifting up the laziness in me like pronto.

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