Saturday, December 18, 2010

i live in an empty box.

frankly saying i'm not that happy when thinking about home.i don't know that i realized it.well before everyone's like,'weh x sabar nak balik' and all and i'm like 'haa aku pon sama!yay!' haa cm happy kn?but now,i dont know what's the point of me going back.i tell you it'll be practically the same everytime,smpai kl then happy then my mum ambek and then smpai rumah pastu ddk2 mandi2 pastu online,staying alone,semua buat hal sendiri,msg pkwe la semua my mum keluar meeting.the end,tggl aku sorg laa,and tu semua akn berlaku smpai smggu then smpai sini then ade test and huh!theres like no happy place for this possible?or am i closing my heart to it.i've never felt so lifeless in my life life is actually empty.

*this is so not true.bahaha am going to make the best out of it.!yeah!


  1. thats why aku sentiasa disana sering cuba mengajakmu keluar ke extreme park but u prefer the internet more..hukhuk

  2. Sejak Fating sering ke rumah..kehidupan sosial kami makin menjadi..bakal memuncak..haha..Don't blame others on what you are going trough.. Ina dengan my bf pown waktu malam je..pepagi buta.. nak kuar pepagi? zouk ah