Wednesday, April 23, 2014

hello? hahaha omaigad you guys must have missed me like crazy! :) it has been a year since i last updated this blog. didnt even crossed my mind that i'd still use this thing. but i woke up today feeling shitty and i thought " what way is the best to express this anger" of course! my blog!  because i dont have a lot of people coming here, so its like a secret cave. im so mad at myself i dont even know where to start. okay for starters, i have skipped a few classes this semester. and i gained nothing from being in each one of em classes. its getting worse. i no longer have that drive.  no more motivations. i have no cause to come to class. im not interested and relly, i dont care anymore and im worried about myself. ive skipped a few morning classes so far. its like i havent seen my friends in a long time. never really felt this way throughout my high school years and asasi. back in those glorious day, i even cried if i dont get to go to school. and in my foundation, ive never skipped a class. i was scared. tapi sekarang melampau beno. why. what can make me come to class? apa? apa? tiada apa sebenarnya, -.- haih. okay lah nnt i update lain nah.

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