Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i now have a diary.yes i've started writing.JUST started.i told myself that i needed a journal to talk about what happened form eight in the morning till ten in the evening.it has been so good and there's a lot to write about but lately i havent been writing a lot due to the crazy schedule i have for this semester.but i do find time to update so that i won't get way ahead of time.
having a journal is important to me because i have this big bucket full of worries.it's kind of a problem if you ask a shrink or any psychiatrist.yes,everyone has worries but me?i tend to over-think things up to the point where i can't sleep and sometimes i cry in my bed alone thinking of what will i become and what the world has to offer.it's scary.i was afraid of myself.i was scared that this problem would be forever.anyhoo,after i found my late dad's book called "how to stop worrying and start living" i have started living literally.well,if you ask me,i'm basically under 'probation'.every time when i over-think things,i flash back to the pages that taught me how to stop worrying and only then can i keep my head straight.it's a good book.

this journal is basically a new year's resolution thingy.well,this is probably the only resolution that's still here with me.an accomplishment i might say? and now that i have a journal,whenever i feel like writing i'll write and if i feel like typing then i'll type.

i guess that's just a bout it.going back to reality. Goodbye :)

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