Saturday, October 20, 2012

need i say more?

i don't wanna write something that i'll regret i might as well just keep it to myself.okay this may sound weird and "that will never happen like ever" tapi i think i love cooking.well not cooking,but baking.i know this is somehow senseless considering that i've never even tried it like passionately,though i have tried once,making a ginger butter man but that's not the point.i want to try doing something nice.i have been following this blog and it inspired in a lot of ways.first is the way she takes the pictures.they're magnificent and the food looks great!second,the food are gluten free and thirdly imma live healthy ever after.i really wanna go to the nearest bookstore right now and look for her recipe book.ABBA bookstore confirm xde. -.- so MPH it is.maybe nanti.thank u for inspiring me :')

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