Friday, August 3, 2012

my idol yuna failed once.but that didn't stop her from graduating....

i'm like a rotten machine.and machines don't even rot.that's how terrible my mental state of mind right now.positive vibes come to me.i need to live.please don't give up're just one step closer.Allah is with you.there's a reason behind what's happened.maybe you'll get better grades?hmm biar lambat asal selamat?...huh i don't know what to say.yes,every successful person has failed once.if God will,i'll be one of them.this is just a small crack.i'll get it fixed.i promise!

i gotta say,i thank God for giving me the chance to fail on my first semester.cause if i've failed further up,i'd fall downhill.this is an experience that i sure don't wanna put myself into anymore.but words without actions is like crispy chicken without it's crispy imma zip my mouth until i do what i preach.

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